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Turquoise Facts

Rough Turquoise is Great for Lapidary Use or Decoration

Here at we try hard for us to bring you the best Rough Turquoise from America, Tibet and Mexico. We sell both Natural Rough Turquoise and Stabilized Rough Turquoise. We try to carry all colors of Blue Rough Turquoise and Green Rough Turquoise for lapidary use and decoration. We offer Rough Turquoise in gram lots and by the pound.

Natural Bisbee Turquoise Rough

Real Rough Turquoise

We specialize in Rough Turquoise from Nevada and Arizona. We sell Turquoise from mines we are partners in as well as famous turquoise mines from around the world.

Depending on your application we suggest different types of Turquoies for you. For example, if you are making production Jewelry and need all stones you cut to match within 90% accuracy, then we highly suggest stabilized Kingman or Sleeping Beauty. If you are creating one of a kind highend pieces we suggest some of the highend natural Nevada Rough Turquoise, such as Pilot Mountain or Royston Turquoise.

A Turquoise Fact - Turquoise has been one of the worlds most popular stones for thousands of years, and right now it is as hot as it has ever been in the fashion market, worldwide! Although Turquoise goes through fads here in the United States, it has become one of the favored gemstones worn by Americans today. Turquoise has also been very popular in many other parts of the world for thousands of years. It is not a new gemstone by any means as it has been claimed to be the first noted gemstone found by mankind.

Turquoise comes in a variety of colors, from all shades of blue to all shades of green, although rare, even yellow, red, brown and white. Variscite is also a very popular cousin to Turquoise and we also sell Rough Variscite. Variscite is a mint green to dark green and is often very glassy or "gel" like. We have wonderful rough Variscite from Nevada and Utah.

More About Our Rough Turquoise

This website is dedicated to the love of this wonderful gemstone, Turquoise. Our family, the Hartmans of Durango, Colorado USA are avid collectors of American Turquoise and Variscite, and have a large display for sale and for viewing at Durango Silver Company which is Four miles west of Durango on Hwy 160, the main Hwy to Mesa Verde National Park. We hope you will enjoy this information as much as I love sharing it with you. Bookmark us and come back often as we will continue to update the site as obtain additional materials and information.

Natural Broken Arrow Turquoise - Rough Nevada rough
Natural Broken Arrow

Keep an eye peeled our inventory of Rough Turquoise as it is always changing.

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Rough Turquoise  from the Lander Blue Mine

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Turquoise Facts
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